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    Full cost

    Bill@VT Level 7

      Recently I was checking the full product download for Acrobat for forum users and noticed the price has jumped by $150 from $299 to $449. Sounds like Adobe is trying to eliminate full versions. I don't really see why there would be a $150 increase in price to something that most personal users will not even consider. Is there really a future market for Acrobat with such pricing and all the 3rd party products available?

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          Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

          I am not sure what you are referring to - there was no recent price increase: Acrobat Pro has been $449 for a while. Is it possible you were trying to lookup Acrobat Standard? That is still sold for $299.

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            Bill@VT Level 7

            I sure missed the price increase, when ever it was. The last time I looked (quite a while back) it was $299 and the upgrade was $199. At $449, it becomes a real question of who would be purchasing it. That is really out of the ball park for many personal users. If I was looking at it the prices to purchase, I would very quickly be looking for an alternative since I do not need most of the things that Acrobat offers, though I use many of those since I do have the product. I am really wondering what customer base they are trying to market to. Even for small businesses, $299 was a big expense.


            So I guess I am expressing a concern. It is no wonder that so many folks try to use their old version on new machines, even if not optimal.

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              lrosenth Adobe Employee

              Subscriptions remove a LOT of this concern for the average user.


              For the Enterprise, they are buying “in bulk” and the price comes down…