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    How do I disable the music?


      I am using Premier Elements 13 and I cannot figure out how to turn the music off.  Can I disable the music without affecting the sound from the source video?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          When you import files into Premiere Elements, all you get are copies of the originals which are at a hard drive save location. So, if you alter the sound of

          a file in Premiere Elements, it sound is altered there only.


          In the project, you can turn the sound of a music file off in several way...

          a. See Adjust Tab/Adjustments Palette/Volume Panel expanded

          b. Using your mouse cursor to lower the audio clip's rubber band (orange line that runs horizontally across the middle of the clip)

          c. Right click the music clip and remove the check mark next to Enable

          d. Mute the clip's volume using the Audio mixer


          If you alter the volume of a Timeline clip, you do not affect the volume of the copy in Project Assets. If dragged from Project Assets to the Timeline, it will arrive there with its original volume.


          Please let me know if I have targeted your question. If not, please supply more details.


          Thank you.