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    Premiere Pro Quit Unexpectedly and got rid of All of My Edits


      I just purchased a membership for the Creative Cloud a few days ago and have been editing my short film on Premiere Pro. I had gotten through all of my sequencing, most of my sound editing, and most of my color grading. Everything was going well. Suddenly, earlier this evening (I had only been editing for a few minutes and had most of my work saved from the previous day), I received an alert that told me an error occurred that would force Premiere Pro to quit, though it would try to restore my work. I figured this wouldn't be an issue since I had only just started editing and most of my work was already saved. However, when I reopened Premiere Pro, another alert popped up telling me that it was trying to restore my work and would therefore have to create a copy of my project, so I agreed to it. When I opened the copy, all my sequencing edits were still there, but all of my color grades and sound edits were no more, as though they had never existed in the first place, and my clips were not sequenced the way they were. Trying to remain calm, I told myself that this was probably just because it was a copy and if I reopened the original file, all would be as it was. However, when I did reopen the original file (the file that had been saved the night before), the same thing happened. My color was not graded, my audio was not edited, and my clips were not sequenced, even though they were when I had saved my project the previous night. I tried opening the autosaved files, but they were all the same. Is there any way to salvage my edits or will I have to accept the loss of days of editing and start anew, other than the sequencing?