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    Macbook Pro Retina GeForce 650M Cuda Crash (Important Information for Mac Users)

    Cinema Photographer Level 1

      Over the past 4 months, I've experience random Open CL issues with PR CC and also complete computer shutdowns with PR CC using Cuda acceleration. In this time, both Adobe and Apple have looked at my computer. Apple has replaced the Logic Board and the graphic cards and the same issue is still present.


      The issue is still very much present! It appears to be solely hardware related. A typical response from the Macbook Pro Retina is that the video image will appear briefly and then disappear in the video monitor. Next, the computer will completely crash and restart or if I am lucky the program will shut down and display an error message, "A serious graphic issue has been detected."


      For your sack and mine, I hope we can come together to solve this issue.