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    Flex Components and Flash

    sean_hess Level 1

      I'm trying to port out extensive flash application to AS3. I know flash 9 isn't all the way out yet, but I'm willing to make the base of the project in flex instead, in order to take advantage of AS3. As you know, the components aren't out yet for the flash 9 alpha.

      I thought I could create the background and buttons in flash (which I've done), and then create a Tree component in flex, then stick the tree component on top of the flash swf background and get it to play nice.

      So 1) is there a way to stick flex controls on top of swfs?
      2) Is there a better way to do this? I tried just creating a new Tree componet in AS and adding it to a swf. It compiles, but doesn't show up.
      3) What other suggestions do you have?

      I guess I could make the ENTIRE application in flex, including all of the buttons I'm already done with, but I'd much prefer being able to control graphics in flash (that's uh... what it's for), like the layout of the buttons.

      When they click a node in the Tree component, it loads different swfs (forms, actually), and populates them with data from the xml node.

      How would you do this? Are there answers to my questions?

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          sean_hess Level 1
          I figured out how to get them to overlap using <mx:Canvas/> Is there a better way to do this?
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            peterent Level 2
            Well, I'd always thought of using Flash to make skins and backgrounds, or other special animations (spinning logos, that sort of thing). Flex doesn't have explicit layers like Flash, so if you want to put something on top of another, it is best done in a Canvas where it doesn't try to enforce a specific layout like Containers such as VBox would.

            So you do want a Flash SWF beneath a Tree, you'd create a Canvas, then put in the SWF and then the Tree.

            But the great thing about Flash technology is that you can do pretty much whatever you can imagine.