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    " Screen Tearing" with EVGA GTX 970

    Alexander Eberhard Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      when watching clips with movement or moving windows on windows somewhere else I get the "tearing effect" on my monitor. Meaning I see vertical lines while movement on my monitors, mainly in the middle. I do not see this line in PP CC 2014.


      I am running the following hardware:


      EVGA GTX 970 FTW Acx 2.0

      Monitor 1: EIZO FS 2333, 60 Hz, HDMI

      Monitor 2: quite old Acer on 1.600 x 1200, 60 Hz, DVI

      Windows 7 professional 64 bit

      latest Nvidia drivers

      latest version of PP CC 2014

      latest version of EVGA Precision X 16


      I've heard about a view possible solution:


      - activation V-Sync on Nvidia drivers (problem is monitor and graphic card are waiting for each other, monitor Hz will be downgraded)

      - lowering Hz value under windows for monitors

      - updating drivers (I did)

      - Installing latest directX drivers? Do I need this?


      I am wondering if the GTX 970 is to fast my old Acer monitor? Maybe the EIZO can handle 60 Hz, the Acer not? Can that be a problem?

      My GTX is slightly overclocked, nevertheless that problem has been there before OC.


      Are there any windows setting, windows service settings, to fix this? Any specific BIOS or Nvidia settings required?


      I'd really appreciate your help and experience.