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    Premiere Elements 11 (Windows 64 bit): Frequent glitches after rendering


      I am currently trying to render around 20 videos, around 12 hours in total duration (video lengths vary from 5 minutes to 105 minutes).


      Unfortunately, about 50% of the time, when i watch a newly rendered video, there will be some sort of graphical glitch. For example, a clip will be missing from start to finish, replaced with a blank beige screen (definitely not in the timeline), or a random graphical glitch where some of the visuals become warped for a couple of a seconds.


      Here is a screen shot of a glitch






      And here is a screen shot of my render settings:



      This is costing me a lot of time and effort.screen shot of render settings.jpg


      Is there anything I can do to reduce the frequency of these errors, or scan videos for errors without having to watch them closely manually??