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    select listvalue and autopopulate formfield

      Hi, hope someone can help me with this one.
      I need to select a value from a List and then populate another Formfield with a specific value depending on what i select in the list, in this case e.g. number 1995 if i select value "12" in the selectionlist the "Formfield_1" should be populated with the value 1995 and if i select value "18" in the selectionlist, the "formfield_1" should be autopoulated with the number 2995  i, how do i resolve this?





      var a = this.getField("SelectionsList").value = 12;


      var b = this.getField("SelectionsList").value = 18;


      var c = this.getField("Formfield_1").value;


      if( a = "12") event.value c = "1995";


      if( b = "18") event.value c = "2995";


      As you can se i have difficulties to understand how i get and populate the value in var c

      i have chosen to run this as a calcutlation from the properties tab "Format" and Custom keystrokescripts in the selectionsList, maybe it shouldnt be placed there at all?, i want it to do the calculations when a selection is done via the SelectionsList