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    Lightroom - batch processing. One size (analysis and correction) does not fit all

    Tom Mix 2013 Level 1

      PS CC 2014, Bridge and ACR or Lightroom. iMac. 100 pictures. Each  picture was taken in a totally difference environment (lighting, noon and evening. inside, outside, ISO, etc).  I need to process all 100 photos in ACR at the same time (don’t have time to manually analyze and edit one photo at a time) whereby each picture receives it own unique individual auto analysis and correction. One identical cookie cutter analysis and correction for all 100 photos will NOT work. I have the same question using LIGHTROOM. I will end up adopting whichever solution (ACR or LIGHTROOM) is the easiest and fastest.  I do realize that I will have to go back and tweak each photo. Thanks. Bob