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    Adobe Bridge CC to Adobe Dreamweaver CC compatibility issues


      I've just got off the phone to Adobe help desk following an investigation which took a number of days to resolve.

      The problem was this -

      I'm studying for a Dreamweaver ACE exam on Monday (wish me luck!) and I'm using Adobe Dreamweaver CC "Classroom in a book" to help me prepare.

      One of the tasks is to access Adobe Bridge CC, select a JPEG image, and then click File > Place > Dreamweaver to transfer the image from Bridge to where you want to place the image in Dreamweaver. Wouldn't be a problem except on Bridge you can no longer follow the commands File > Place > Dreamweaver, because on the latest versions of Bridge, (as I was eventually told by Adobe helpdesk after their investigation) the option to place a file or image onto Dreamweaver (and now Photoshop) no longer exisits.

      this was confirmed when the gentleman at Helpdesk tried installing the latest versions of Bridge/Dreamweaver/Photoshop onto his computer and encountered the same issue.

      I'm wondering whether Adobe are now phasing out Bridge as it is now becoming less compatible with Dreamweaver (and now Photoshop) and if so, what it is being replaced with?

      I'm also hoping that im not going to get an outdated question on my ACE exam re compatibility between Dreamweaver and Bridge, but thats a whole different issue...


      Cheers guys, all the best, and happy new year!




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