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    Problems getting map to work in Lightroom5


      For Lightroom 5.6 and 5.7 I found out that I had to create a firewall rule manually in Windows 7 to let Lightroom display any map (Lightroom said the map is "online", but nothing was displayed). Furthermore any map tiles alredy downloaded seem to disapper once you are offline. I consider this as bad practice: Why no keep the most recently (most frequently) used map tiles on disk for re-use?

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          I'm having the same problem with a Mac.  Blacked out 'night' view of the whole world, with the message "map is offline".  Nothing at all visible at less than minimum zoom (whole world.)

          Octo-core tower, running 10.9.  Had the issue with 5.6, upgraded to 5.7.  No change.  Turned off all firewalls (for a few minutes).  No change.  Did create manual exceptions in both firewalls once I turned them back on.

          No change.

          Seems like it's having trouble linking with a server somewhere.  Meanwhile, my web browser and email were working just fine, so the connection was up.  (ATT Uverse.)


          Given that I'm seeing reports of more-or-less the same bug across multiple platforms, I'm looking hard at how it pulls data from whatever server it's pulling from.


          It'd be nice to think Adobe will come back with a timely answer about what's going on.

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            ThaiBear Level 1

            i geo tag most of my out door pictures in camera (canon gps hot shoe ) ever since Lightroom added the MAP module. I cant pinpoint what version the trouble started but I do remember that it started after the install of an update or an upgrade. The trouble is that the message "map is offline" is displayed on a gray world  background. This is on win 7 through several updates over the last year at least. 


            A Few Lightroom updates ago, I could turn off my firewall and the. Map module would work properly. Lately I have to turn off my "Zone Alarm" just after my computer boots.  All through this I have normal browsing with maps and Google earth and my computer is plugged in and my screens are on. 


            adobe please help with this. Please let Lightroom install correctly to work with a firewall as my other Adobe CC products do.