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    Problems w/ Project Manager


      Hello everyone,



      I'm working with adobe project manager and I'm running into a few issues. The purpose of using this at the local TV station where I work is to manage media and archive after a project's completion while still being able to go back in the future and have 30 frames of adjustments on the clips we used.



      We recently upgraded to CC 2014 and it has not been updated since. 8.1.0 I believe is what we're running. I've attached an image of my settings and another of the issue I'm having.



      [URL=http://s1121.photobucket.com/user/nchorneyWMUR/media/premiereproblems_zps51ec0b47.png.html ][IMG]<a href='http://i1121.photobucket.com/albums/l518/nchorneyWMUR/premiereproblems_zps51ec0b47.png[/IM G][/URL]'>http://i1121.photobucket.com/albums/l518/nchorneyWMUR/premiereproblems_zps51ec0b47.png[/IM G][/URL]</a>



      When I use the project manager to consolidate the project I am running into an issue with my keyable objects. As seen below that text element ceases to be keyable and becomes a large black box as it adobe has converted the keyable .mov file into file that has lost its key.



      [URL=http://s1121.photobucket.com/user/nchorneyWMUR/media/projectmanagerissues_zpsd730bc64.jpg. html][IMG]<a href='http://i1121.photobucket.com/albums/l518/nchorneyWMUR/projectmanagerissues_zpsd730bc64.jpg [/IMG][/URL]'>http://i1121.photobucket.com/albums/l518/nchorneyWMUR/projectmanagerissues_zpsd730bc64.jpg [/IMG][/URL]</a>



      Can anyone please help point me in the right direction? I'd really like to be able to properly archive our projects and manage our media efficiently.