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    Not-for-profit organization (education/community focus) located in Canada - Creative Cloud license options?


      I work for a small not-for-profit organization in Canada that provides community building, knowledge translation, research and educational supports to the Alberta and Canada community. We are a registered charity/not-for-profit under the CRA.


      We are looking to purchase multiple licenses to Adobe Creative Cloud for 2-4 individual users, with at least one user needing access to the individual applications (Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign) and Cloud at home, in addition to in the office.


      Previously, we have purchased a single license at a time for the Creative Suite through TechSoup at a discounted rate, but they no longer have CS in stock, and as our organization grows, we need a more robust solution.


      We have a limited budget, so I therefore would appreciate any advice on the most affordable and efficient approach to purchasing this license, as well as instructions on how to access not-for-profit pricing.