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    Editing Quiz Format - Button Location

    lisastep Level 1
      In Connect 6, how do you easily edit quiz questions without messing up the functionality of the buttons?

      When multiple choice answers extend more than one line, the buttons do not line up properly next to the item. This makes it difficult for users to determine which button goes with which answer.

      By default, the clickable buttons are grouped with the answer text. I tried ungrouping the two to edit the width of the text or to move the location of the button up/down. When I regroup the button and corresponding text, it seems that the button is no longer active.

      Would love some tips on how to edit the quizzes without losing button functionality.

      Also, any way to permanantly edit the appearance of the submit/clear buttons so I don't have to copy/paste them into every question? There should be a library of buttons to choose from... next version?