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    Manga (Graphic Novel) book downloaded from Kobo is mostly blank

    Ancient Kyubi

      Hello, I have just recently bought an ebook from Kobo. It is a manga/graphic novel just to let you know. I downloaded the acsm file from Kobo and I successfully used that file to download the epub file with Adobe Digital Editions. I have authorized my copy of Adobe Digital Editions with my Adobe ID. The epub file has the correct book title, author name, publisher information, and number of pages. The problem is that all of the pages are either completely blank or have a line across the top of the page showing about 10 pixels worth of the page. Below is a picture of what I am describing. I have tried re-downloading the acsm file and I have tried re-downloading the epub file multiple times with the same result. Does anyone know why this is happening and/or how to fix it?

      Kobo epub problem.png