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    Trouble using Edge Animate with RequireJs


      Hi, I'm using Edge 2014.1.1 and I'm trying to integrate this into a large complex application thats built using RequireJS to dynamically load and unload dependent libraries. I have it working for the most part except for one instance of where there is an explicit load done in edge.5.0.1.min.js. which has the line:

      window.edge_authoring_mode&&c.sym?f.load(a+"_edge.js?symbol="+c.sym):f.load(a+"_edge.js")) )


      This appends the suffix "_edge.js" to the comp name ('a') and then loads this .js file. I have extracted the code from that .js file and embedded it into our system using RequireJS .


      Is there some way to prevent this load in that file?


      Note that the app works even though the file does not exist and the load fails, but having .js files loading things outside the RequireJS structure is not acceptable.


      Thanks for any advice you can offer.