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    How can i pass a value over to a TitleWindow

      Okies as i read from the documentation given by adobe itself ... I have only seen examples on how to parse value over to the Main application from the title window but not the Main Application to the title window.

      What iam trying to do is i wanted to get a selected item from a tile list but i wanted to pass it to a swfLoader in a TitleWindow Component so that it knows which SWF(in my case ) to search for within the specific destination folder.

      What i have tried is to declare a variable to store the selectedItem

      example would be ..

      public var selectedItem:String = "{tileList.selectedItem.Image}";

      source= "assets/data_games/{Application.application.selectedItem}.swf"

      but it seems to be a wrong way to call it ..

      could anyone help me out on how to solve my following problems?

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          ntsiii Level 3
          First this forum is intended for questions about Flex Builder. Flex language questions should be posted in the Flex General Discussion forum.

          That is generally right, but I would build the swf source string in a variable first so you can debug it. Do that in a handler function on the creationComplete event of the TitleWindow