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    My timeline is not loading in Edge




      I'm having a quite big school-project in Edge. It has been getting slower and slower as the project got bigger. Everytime i get into a symbol it takes like 40 seconds and it will say "not responding" for most of that time.

      Anyway, as Edge isn't optimal yet, I guess i'll have to live with that and just wait.


      But now my timeline isn't even loading anymore in certain symbols. (see photo)

      When I open the project on my classmates Macbook it doesn't have the problem. Also it's a lot less slow on the mac, even though our specs are pretty comparable.

      Ive got a 500gb SSD, i7 processor and 8gb RAM, running on Windows 8.1.


      Does anyone know why this is happening, and maybe even how to solve it?


      Thanks in forward!