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    No uninstall for inDesign CS6 in Windows 7 64bit

    oz3d Level 1

      - No uninstall option in add/remove programs (true for all CS6 and pre 2014 CC adobe software).

      - Used Adobe CC Cleaner tool, everything but Indesign CS6 is listed...

      - Previously appeared in Creative Cloud Manager, but it no longer does.

      - In the registry under HKey Local Machine > Software > Adobe there is no record for InDesign CS6, but the app launches without issue. Perhaps I'm missing another registry entry?


      Any suggestions?



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          That's odd. I have two systems running Win 7 pro x 64, one with CS6 Master collection, but no CC aps, and one with CS6 Design and Web collection, along with ID CC and CC2014. I see them all under Programs in the control panel. I beleive I was also able, when the cloud tried to usurp my perpetual license for CS6, to run the cleaner tool and select CS6 (it's all or nothing though, not individual applications).


          How about in Safe Mode?