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    Cannot connect to my scanner


      I have Adobe X and it was working well. I just replaced my printer on my home network, with the same model Brother MFC-J6910DW but it is a 6 months newer. I have been using this newer printer in another office, but it was connected directly to my computer via USB, now via my home network. For my older same model printer/scanner that I was using before, it was also connected to my network and it worked properly.


      I set up the new printer on my network and it prints properly and I can also print a PDF doc from Adobe to this printer. When I try to scan a doc, (I have tried all of the different scan options), Adobe thinks for about a minute and then comes back with an error message "cannot connect to the devicer" "please ensure the scanner is on. etc....) It is not recognizing the newer scanner but I cannot figure out how to change the scanner as the only ones that comes up refers to my network printer (the problem is it is the same model and it only shows the model info so not sure where it is pointing to).