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    Anchored Object problem-Print & Epub

    SueCampbell54 Level 1

      Having a problem with my Custom anchored object obscuring text. I want this to be exported to EPUB as well as print. I'm familiar with this issue, and for the print book I would have just unanchored it. But I wished to have one file that works for both.


      There is a head and text behind the image shown below. For print the text should be positioned to the right of the pic. For the EPUB the text should above the pic with the photo an caption anchored below the head and stats text and before the next (body text).


      Is there a way to do this so that the styles can stay the same in both books? (i.e. 1 file)

      Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 1.34.22 PM.png

      Obviously a quick fix will be to just save two files with the pictures anchored in the text for pub. But looking for a better solution.