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    style in extrnal links

      Hello everyone!

      As a new user of the program I found myself confronted with a lot of questions. Fortunately I found a lot of answers in the Help provided with the program and these messages. But now I do have a question that I'm really stuck with.

      I am working on a help project that will go in an application (new version of the software we make). There are several separate projects. I use external links to link to topics in the other projects. All these projects will go into the application. When I check the links (by generating the project and looking up the topic) I see that the style in the topic (background color, fonts, etc.) is different from the style of that topic in its original project. When I open the topic in the original project it looks fine. (Hope Í'm making sense...)

      I have had this problem before (in another project) and was able to fix it. I was foolish and did not write down the solution and now I can't remember how to resolve this.

      Is there anyone who could help? Thanks in advance!
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          BasDamen Level 1
          Found some additional information in regards to my question. It seems that it's not just the style that is not correctly displayed.

          Also there is text in the topic that is not there in the original topic. It seems there are two versions of the project that I am linking to. However I can find only one.