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    Recovering project from cache files


      My After Effects did save my work for last 14h. Each time I was pressing Crtl+S saving window was poping up for a sec. but AE wasn't really doing anything. I've realized that, after I've pushed "save" and there was "*" in my file title. I've tried to save to every possible extension, on different partitions, closing other apps but I wasn't able to save it. Every time he was attempting to do it, he was just showing a window for a very short period of time, and making some almost empty file. "Saving as" just gave me a couple of very small buggy files.

      There is a hope. There is like about 4gb of cache on my disk. Is there any way to recover something from it somehow? Any tool or something? There is a real data inside those files... there must be some way.

      Thanks in advance. It's very important to me.

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          No, you can't reconstruct a project from the cache files.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            No. If at all, only the developers have tools to make sense of the cache files and how they go together. the rest we cannot know. it would be much more sensible to provide system information and other details so we can help you fix your problem and start over than desperately hanging on the the last straw...



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              Krzycho_666 Level 1

              Thank you then. That's a pity

              I'm using After Effects CS6 ( x64 on Windows 7 Pro. I've no idea what was the problem... There was like about 30GB of free space on system drive - witch is my cache drive too. There was about 1.5GB of free RAM, the project was about 6MB big. I can't really find anything unusual. The worst thing is, that the client is awaiting for his project, and my day of work is gone

              I've never understand how is that possible, that such expensive software is so much unpolished and buggy ( It's pretty thesame about Flash to me ).

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                Krzycho_666 Level 1

                Oups... sorry =] Well then:

                - After Effects CS6 ( x64 - up to date

                - Windows 7 x64 Pro + SP1 including all updates ( fresh installation, made 3 days ago )

                - a couple year old laptop: Intel T9550 ( 2x2.66, 6MB cache ), Radeon 4650 1GB, 4GB RAM

                - newest possible ATI mobile driver 13-9-legacy

                - project was only generated graphics and Ilustrator CS6 imported vectors

                - quicktime on board

                - only Chrome and Illustrator was running that time - I've shot it down when the probblem appeard

                - currently no 3rd party codecs

                - no OGL things

                - the preview was rendered correctly, I've even rendered what I had on that time to mp4 file with no problems

                The problem never appeared before. There was no error msgs. When I clicked "save" the "saving window" was just poping up for a half a sec and there was no changes on file. When using "save as", the new file was created, but it looked like AE didn't finish it's job each time. When I tried to save do XML, the XML file looked like the saving procidure just crashed in the middle. The file ending was with some "</string>" and the file looked pretty uncomplete.