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    How do I superimpose a darkfield image on brightfield image and then chose color range from the darkfield and only keep what I selected in the color range?



      In the previous version of photoshop I was able to superimpose images of brightfield and darkfield  insitu hybridization.  I would adjust both images to same size and resolution.  The darkfield image I would change the hue saturation to red so that now all the brighspots appeared red.  Then I would open a new photoshop image and then drag the brightfield first into the new panel and then drag the red darkfield image on the brightfield.  So now you can only see the red dark field layer on the top,  THen using range I would select the bright red spots on the dark field and press delete.  This would keep all the dark red spots on the brightfield image and all the other dark spots from the dark filed would disappear.  This way I would superimpose all the brightest red spots from the dark field image on the brightfield image and this way I would get red signals on the bluish brightfiled image.  I am unable to do this using photoshop on CS6. I am pasting the darkfiled image on the brightfield image (rather than dragging them) . Then using range when I choose the color range and then hit delete button I am unable to clear the unwanted dark field sections.  Can anybody tell me what I should do on the new Adobe photoshop 6 (64 bits).