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    Help with importing an XCEL chart


      Hello.  I am new to importing charts to InDesign.  My graphics person, who retired, suggested I create the charts in Xcel, save as a PDF and them import.  I have done all of the steps in Xcel and am trying to import to InDesign.  The problem is, the chart is HUGE in InDesign and I can't figure out how to resize it to fit on the page.

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          Problem is, that Excel charts are not good for print. They have poor quality and are often rasterized and are in RGB which will cause problems with the black plate.

          1. I set up the graphs in Excel, avoid any 3D effect or design, because this ends up in pixelated images. I change in Excel the used font to some font which is NOT Calibra or Cambria or any MS default font as it would cause problems in the next steps.
          2. I open Illustrator
          3. I copy the chart from Excel to Illustrator.
          4. I select everthing.
          5. Open the swatch panel (Window > Swatches)
          6. Create a new color group based on the selected art work, activate to create global swatches.
          7. Deselect everything.
          8. Double click each swatch which was created and correct the colors for print. Because the swatches are global the artwork is corrected now.
          9. Adjust used fonts, best done via styles.
          10. Save as AI or PDF/X-4.
          11. Place that file in InDesign.