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    File size grows with minor text change

    posterns Level 1

      I've been working on a large file, apron. 1.6 GB. Had to go in to change one word in an Illustrator smart object and when I went to re-save the file, my file grew to over 2GB requiring me to save as a psb file. I need to keep the file as a psd file so I can use in Illustrator. After I made the change and the file wouldn't stay under 2BGB, I deleted a couple of hidden layers and that still didn't help. Working in CS6 and haven't had this issue before that I can recall. Turned off Maximize Compatibility as well but that didn't help. Seems like a big increase for a pretty minor change (just changed the spelling of a word). Even the first time I opened the file (got it from someone else) I tried to save with a new name without really making any changes to it, except to move an object, and it did the same increase saying too large to save as psd file.


      Any thoughts?