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    How to upgrade Photoshop


      I live in my Motor-coach traveling the country. I am not always connected to the internet. How do I purchase a stand alone version of Photoshop. My last version CS2 messes up the drivers on Windows 8.1 causing the computer to crash.

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          The only upgrade still available is CS5 to CS6. Your faced with the choice buy CS6 Standard $700, Extended $1000 or subscribe to the  creative cloud photography subscription $10 per month gets you Lighrroom and Photoshop Extended. the viable exit planes are returning to cs2, shelling out for CS6 of loose you layered assists.


          I had CS6 and have subscribed so I can fall back to CS6.  Photoshop like all programs can not be forward compatible so the may be some compatibility issues if one needs to exit the cloud and return to CS6.  PSD and PSB should therefore be save with the maximum compatibility option layers that are not compatible with CS6 can most likely be rendered as a normal raster layer the would look like layer create with features not in CS6.


          I do not install Lightroom Photoshop has the features I need Lightroom does not.


          You do not need to be connected to the internet to use Creative Cloud Application they still get install on your machine and execute on it.  You only have to sign in to the Creative cloud when you install the applications,  Then every once and a while to keep them activated.