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    Reference external library movieclip in library with AS3

      Hello, i am able to load at runtime a library asset in flash cs3. i do this by setting up its linkage property and setting its base class. for eg

      Class: MyButton
      Base: flash.display.MovieClip

      then in my document class, say i had com.kofi.InitializeTemplate, my class looks like this

      package com.kofi
      import flash.display.MovieClip;
      import MyButton;

      public class InitializeTemplate extends MovieClip
      var testButton:MyButton;

      public function InitializeTemplate():void
      trace("the button class has been called");
      testButton = new MyButton();

      however, once i bring in an external library asset(which i have already exported and set it base class etc), i am unable to call this shared library asset with as3. anyone know what i am talking about?