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    why the incomplete imports


      I currently have LR 5.2 and have been trying to import numerous images from my 3 tb external hard drive (USB3).  When I am importing 200-300 images, about 10-15 % are omitted, requiring me to determine which have not been imported and redoing it for those images.  Any ideas?

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          Bob Somrak Level 6

          First of all update to Lr 5.7.1 and see if the problem still exists. Not worthwhile trying to debug an old version.

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            rlchiv Level 1

            Thanks, that seems to have done it !!!!

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            why the incomplete imports

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              rlchiv Level 1

              Well I spoke too soon.  After updating LR to 5.7.1 I did 2 imports that worked fine.  On the third run I tried to upload 249 images and only 196 of these made it. 53 were dropped.  I went back to look at the others that didn't get imported and could find no significant differences between those that did and those that didn't..  All were taken on a Hummingird shoot and all images were almost identical so the variables between images were negligable. The images that were dropped included groups of 11 toward the middle of the download, then 33 and 9 closer to the end.


              I then dumped this import and tried to import the same images again.  This time 237 images were loaded, only 12 were dropped.  All of these 12 were among those dropped the first time.


              Does anyone have any idea as to what is going on?

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                rlchiv Level 1

                I tried it a 3rd time and all imported.  So what is going on?

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                  ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Are you doing an Add import where the photos are already in their final location, or are you doing a Copy (or maybe Move) Import that transfers the photos to another location before importing?


                  Until you figure it out, if you are doing an Add import, then just synchronize the folder in LR and you'll pick up any new files that weren't imported.  I realize this is not optimal, but easier than removing and reimporting the entire set, with a second chance to miss some.


                  From your description, I'd guess something is interfering with the USB connectivity on your computer.  It could be anything in the existing cabling to the drive including any hubs or extension cables, and it could also be some other USB device that is plugged in that is causing interference.  Prime candidates for this would be phones that are charging via USB.  My original Samsung Galaxy phone used to do this on my older computer and it might not even be the phone, but the flash-card in the phone, that is iffy.