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    After effects to premiere question



      i have been doing a lot of work on after effects that require multiple compositions. My way of doing this has been opening my video files in after effects doing the work and then dragging that after effects file to premiere, then I am promted by Which compositon I want to choose. Now, I would like to edit my clips first in premiere and then add effects. However when I choose to open after effects through premiere and do all my work, i don't know how to tell premiere which comp I want shown of the premiere time line. This is why I have been doing my after effects work first.


      ANyone one know how to choose which comp that will show when opening after effects through a premiere timeline?



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          R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First, we need to know the EXACT version of Ae & PrPro, as the workflow betwixt & between them has shifted over versions.


          Second ... the more typical was (within the last few releases of PrPro/Ae) is to work within PrPro, then for Ae work, select a clip on the timeline, right-click, "Replace with AE Compostion" ... which opens up AfterEffects with that clip loaded ... do your work, then simply click "Save" ... and the modified version will immediately appear on your PrPro timeline.


          There are quite a few video tutorials on the AdobeTV site alone that deal with this exactly ... well worth your time.