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    Cinema 4d Lite ERROR:  AEGP plugin CINEWARE SceneLayer: CINERENDER - connection failure  5027 :: 12




      I've tried contacting Adobe chat support a day ago with no luck and no answers for this.


      I have a workstation at work that is working just fine. My home workstation is what is giving me this error.


      Home workstation specs:  i5 cpu, 16gb ram, nvidia quadro k620


      The suggestion from Adobe chat support was to uninstall After Effects and re-install. This did not help.


      Steps to create:


      1. Create new AE project

      2. Create new Comp

      3. Add new Cinema 4d layer

      4. Name and save Cinema file

      5. AE hangs for a minute or two then throws this error:


      AEGP plugin CINEWARE SceneLayer: CINERENDER - connection failure

      5027 :: 12


      I see someone else had this identical problem but no where in the thread does anyone give a clue what solved it?


      Any ideas from you folks on what I should/could do to fix this?


      Thanks a bunch!