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    problem of color spaces when i switch between photoshop cc 2014 and lightroom 5.7. where to ask



      where can we ask questions on photoshop cc 2014 tools ?


      i have a prophoto nef in lightroom which is retouched.

      i edit in photoshop cc to make a selection and come back to lightroom with a huge psd.

      it says color space of photoshop is not correct and advises prophoto. i say yes.


      first one day i lost the pen tool mask when i wanted to re-edit from lightroom. fortunately the version of psd on hard disk was ok. never understood what happened


      second is i want to open a jpg background on my hard disk, perhaps srgb, in photoshop and add the selection.

      how to manage color spaces because my colors of the selection or the background become ugly


      not sure i still need to use lightroom for this step. bridge or photoshop itselfs can open files,...



      best regards