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    Can Not Change "Opacity" of Clip


      I have a strange problem with PreE 11 that I did not have before. I am creating a music video. I take four video clips about 4 minutes each, shot 1080p, 24fps. They are just basically different angles of the same singer in the video. I stack the clips on top of each other in PreE 11. Then I  cut the four stacked clips in into 4 to 5 second slices. This way I can defeat the opacity of the sections of the clips I don't want and just leave the clip I want at full opacity. When you watch the video, the angles and looks change. Does that make sense?


      The problem I am having is that the "opacity control line", the horizontal line that resides in the middle of each clip is not responsive. When I lower it to the lowest level, the clip remains visible. When I try to raise it back up, it "sticks" to the lowest level, yet is still visible in the monitor.


      Can anyone help me, or if you can think of a better way to accomplish what I'm trying, please let me know.


      Thank you. Stan