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    best format for help file

    patdod Level 1
      I am creating only my second modest help file ever. We will be distributing via CD as a demo of our product utilizing programming to launch the help file upon insertion of cd. What is the best format (I have it in WehHelp now)? Also any demo's/guidelines/topics that might be useful in formatting different topics to add interest and force the user thru the screens in a specific order. Maybe the whole thing can initially be "self-running"? I follow instructions well but have limited knowledge at this stage.
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          Linux Rules Level 2
          Hello patdod -

          Need more info.

          Is this for Linux, Mac, Windows, Unix, or cross-platform?

          Does this go to government customers / government suppliers? If so, your customer(s) may not be permitted to use some file formats (such as Flash / Shockwave, video or audio files, etc.).