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    export issue


      My export is so flawed. The resolution is beyond bad and I am on a deadline to get this in the can. I had exported the same 5 minute video only a few days ago and it came out great. I am using the same output specs, so what is going on and what can be done? I have spent the last day with trial and error and I am wasting time. Is there something bigger going on within Adobe?


      Thank you, Desperate at this point

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          shooternz Level 6

          We cant see you, your computer, your source footage, your sequence or export settings...


          We have no idea what changed between now and last week!



          ...in fact you have posted a real lazy question which is impossible for anyone  to answer.


          Is there something bigger going on within Adobe?


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            R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Um, we're mostly other users here, and we don't have crystal balls or such things. In order to get help, you have to give us a LOT more information than your post ...


            To start, a detailed list of OS (operating system ... Mac, PC, and what very specific version & build by the number); your computer's CPU, the amount of RAM, the video card or GPU and the vRAM it has on-board; the very specific version of PrPro you're using, such as CS6 or CC2014.1 build 8.2x51 (find that on the "Help->About PrPro" dialog box) and further, the type of video file you're working with, such as H.264 MOV or AVCHD or MP4 or whatever ... and the camera it came out of.


            Also, the frame-rate and frame-size (such as 1920x1080 @ 23.976fps) ... and your export settings you're trying to use. The last two might easiest be shown by getting a screen grab of the dialog box showing the sequence settings and another of the export box with the settings you've tried. Those would be VERY useful in helping you.



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              scu1uba Level 1

              I really believe it was a glitch, because it worked finally and I didn't change any settings. Thank you for your time. Much appreciated!!!

              One last issue to ask about, though. One of my images does not have a smooth transition or dissolve when going in and then out of frame. You can see the whole image (not how I had set it up).  I had zoomed in tightly, so the edges of the image would not show; but now they are and it looks pretty bad. Any suggestions? I used a cross dissolve or film dissolve on most of the commercial, but this one image is the only one giving me this issue. Thank you for your time : )