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    Book Module


      Opposite my image pages I have a page with just text, the title in a large font and additional information in a smaller font. The larger font is putting the bottom part of P, Y, and G's into (directly on top of) the smaller font in the line below the title, making it difficult to read. I can't figure out how to increase the spacing between the two lines to avoid this.Thanks in advance for any help.

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          Modesto Vega Level 2

          Could you please be more specific? What layout are you using? A screenshot could be helpful.

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            dadagallery Level 1

            Thanks for your reply.I've attached three screen shots to aid in you understanding my issue of a larger font extending over the top of a smaller font on the line below. Some programs allow the use of arrow keys or a slider to increase the space between lines but the only solution I can find is to hit the return bar and separate them with too much space. I'm using blurb in LR, and these are on text pages, the first template that has full page text.

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              web-weaver Level 5

              Your screen shots are not visible on the forum.


              To increase the space between the two lines do either one of these

              a) put as many <Returns> between the text lines as you need;

              b) a better way is to put the text in different text boxes and adjust the size and exact position of the text boxes with the padding feature.

              For this select a template with one (1) photo and some text. On this template you have 3 text boxes: The box for text, the box  for <Page Text> and the box for <Photo Text>.

              Each of these boxes will expand as you add text. The <Offset> will move <Page Text> and <Photo Text> up and down on the page. The padding (left / right) will adjust the text in the boxes horizontally.


              Don't be confused that I said to use a template with 1 photo for your text. This is so because it gives you 3 text boxes as described. You just don't fill the photo box, i.e. you leave it blank.

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                Modesto Vega Level 2

                A couple of screenshots to illustrate the layouts and the concepts of boxes, text boxes and photo boxes.


                The grey box on the highlighted page is were the title goes. Do you have that layout selected?



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                  dadagallery Level 1

                  As I said, I'm on a full text page, not a divided page as you sent examples of.  It sounds like you focused on the word "title" thinking I was using one of the partial text pages, which is not what I said.  My question is still how to space, as in other programs, to move text further from the next line to avoid the top font from covering the bottom one as illustrated in the three screen shots I attached.Thank you for your help.

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                    dadagallery Level 1

                    Hopefully you will be able to see the attached examples.I am not seeing the  option in the menu bar along the right side with other text tools.  Where is this located?Thanks again.

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                      Modesto Vega Level 2

                      To add attachments you need to use to long into forums.adobe.com. You cannot add attachments via e-mail.


                      Try selecting your text, look for the Type panel on the Book module on the left of your screen, you can change the font and quite a few other settings there. Are you sure that you don't have texts of different sizes on the same page?

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                        dadagallery Level 1

                        Sorry, didn't realize you wouldn't be able to see the screen shots you requested.Yes, the title of the image is in a larger font, and the description text uses a smaller font size.

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                          Modesto Vega Level 2

                          That is probably the problem. I normally have the title and the caption in separate boxes because I always want the title to have different font. My recommendation is to have 2 boxes, one for the tile and for the caption, if you are using different font sizes, or one box with exactly the same font settings. This is because it is much easier to manipulate.

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                            dadagallery Level 1

                            thanks, I'll give that a try.