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    downloaded viruses with my creative cloud desktop?


      I signed up for a free trial of photoshop cc on a brand new pc i was gifted for christmas.  i have had the computer for a week now, and downloaded creative cloud desktop yesterday.  as soon as i did so, a program called "pc pro cleaner"  appeared.  it was a tough bugger!  many new applications began appearing out of nowhere.  i , being no computer whiz, opted to restore my computer to a previous date which eliminated the adobe software and the virus (from what i can tell).  now, i'm a bit hesitant to re install the adobe software on my computer... has anyone else encountered this type of problem?  if so, how did you combat it?  i really want to give cc another chance, but want to be safe about it.  any advice would be greatly appreciated.  thanks, -lyndseylou

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          Wherever you picked up that scareware, it certainly wasn't from Adobe. It could even have laid dormant on your system and be triggered by the download. It could just as well have replicated itself across your home network from another computer or a virus as even reconfigured your router. Well, whatever, we don't know anything about your system or your network configuration. You definitely have a problem, but none that Adobe can solve for you.