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    photoshop cs 6 freezes with openGL every 4 minutes


      I have a new Imac "3,5 GHz Intel Core i7" and working with photoshop cs6, on a new installed mac.


      When I turn OPENGL on, what ever possible way , normal , basic advantaged. It freezes my keyboard.

      So when I'm brushing I can't switch  whit x to turn back and foreground color, or reduce en enlarge the brush size.

      I only have to switch manual between my tools and then it works again, until the next 3 or 4 minutes.


      But When I turn the OpenGl options OFF (and restart the program.) It works????


      O, and Yes I followed the :


      Photoshop: Basic Troubleshooting steps to fix most issues


      But it slit is there.





      When I use an older Photoshop it works fine.