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    How to insert 3D Model data into an EPUB file?




      I am trying to insert a 3D model into an epub document. Does anybody know how to do this either within InDesign or with any other Adobe Program? The model I have is a Sketchup model and any export file type I try cannot be opened directly within InDesign.


      In terms of working with an EPUB file Mac had the ibooks Author software which lets you insert Collada data and view a 3D Model within an ebook however this only lets me maintain my file as a ibook but in terms of the business I need to maintain EPUB compatibility as they are more uniformly compatible across our clientèle.


      Can anyone shed some light on how to achieve the output I require?


      Spoke to adobe support and they expressed about using 3rd party external coders to achieve this but i know very little about code unfortunately.