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    InDesign to PDF-Full Screen Publish w/out Border


      Hi, and thanks to any in the community for any help!

      I create not for print, but rather screen-based viewing. I understand setting docs to open in Full Screen mode; however, I want my ID-originated PDFs to fill the entire screen with no border (to right or left of my content.)

      Most of my PDFs are intended for single page viewing. When I create content in MS PPT I set slide size to full screen (16:9), publish to PDF, and get the desired effect.  See pic 2 below.

      I want my ID-originated PDF to not have a border region to the left and right (as seen in pic1)


      I'm new to ID and for the life of me can't create a doc which does not have large borders to the right and left of my content (wasted real estate!). I'm sure I'm missing a little thing, have looked all over Youtube and forums but can't resolve! Again any help most appreciated. Am I setting doc properties wrong? (See pic 3).


      pic 1


      pic 2

      no border.pngNo borders in this screen shot (both are from published PDFs!)

      Maybe my doc settings? I've tried many variables- here's last:


      Again, thanks tons for any help! New to ID and just want my content fill screen w/out "borders" as I know is possible in Acrobat PDF's because I do it often from PPT.


      Best. axabicas