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    Accessing HTTP Basic Auth Protected Page

      Our institution uses a portal software that provides proxy sign-on capability to web applications that use forms-based authentication. I need to integrate an application that uses HTTP Basic Authentication. We can't change this application becuase we don't have access to the code. I'm looking to create a CF tool that would allow me to authenticate the user and redirect him/her to the target page in the application.

      I need to authenticate the user, grab a cookie, pass the cookie back to a script on the other server to set it, and then open the desired page in the browser. I am able to authenticate using a CFHTTP call, parse the cookie out of the headers, and pass it back and set it. When I try to redirect the browser to the target page, however, it asked me to authenticate again. I think that I need to pass back the second call with both the Authorization and cookie information in the request header, but have been unsuccessful.

      Any thoughts would be appreciated.