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    Adobe After Effect CC 2014 on Mac Pro 2013 and Performance

    Petr Holusa

      Hi everyone.


      I'm planning to jump from my Mac Mini 2011 to some Mac Pro (cylinder) - 4 core or maybe 6 core and I'd like to know from someone who got experience with Ae and rendering/previewing or how smooth work it is on Mac Pro? I can't find any detailed video about performance Adobe Ae+Pr on Mac Pro. Of course I saw a thousand of benchmarks with scores but that doesn't say anything to me. I need to know if those grands are very well spent. I'm quiet afraid of those RAM previewing. Also I saw nice video with man who showed fast rendering on Premiere on Mac Pro. Actually I haven't got any problem even on Mac Mini with premiere - everything was smooth, without lack, delays or something but when I sent some tracks to Ae for stabilising or changes and see the results back in Premiere was a nightmare.


      I would like to know what is you opinion and experiences. Thank you very much.


      PS: If the Ae will be like that as it is today I have no choice to start with the Final Cut Pro X + Motion