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    Whitebalance is changed when folder synchronized or metadata reread


      I have a realy annoying problem with the whitebalance setting in Lightroom.


      I have many photos that have custom whitebalance or for instance Daylight whiterbalance in Lightroom. The whitebalance is kept when I do a synchronize on the folder or a read metadata on the file. Whats strange is that when I do a metadata change outside Lightroom (any one of ratings, labels, description or location info) in IMatch or Exif Tool GUI and then synchronizes the folder in LR, then LR changes the whitebalance to Auto. So all my edits on the whitebalance is gone! I can see this change in ExifTool from Custom to Auto also in the xmp:crs group.


      Does anyone have this same problem? The problem is also mentioned on IMatch support forum. The problem is not connected to IMatch since an edit in ExifTool also results in whitebalance switched from custom to auto.




      I have Windows 7 and also have tried to disable all my plugins in Lightroom.



      Kim Abel