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    RAM Previews No Longer Real Time

    Marc Trzepla Level 1

      Work computer.   Mid 2010 Mac Pro with 64GB of RAM.  Running After Effects version   Multiprocessing off.   AJA Control Panel v3.


      1920 x 1080 comps, 29.97 fps, no 3D.


      The Mac was running Mountain Lion and RAM previews were FINE.  Zero issues.             Ever.


      The computer was upgraded to Mavericks 10.9.5.      I use the term upgrade loosely, BTW.       Now  ...  RAM previews no longer play in real time.  Most I get - and it fluctuates - is 19, 20, 23 frames per second, never 29.97.    Sometimes it blasts all the way up to 40, 45, 47 like it’s playing catch-up, but that’s rare.


      - Restarted the computer. No change.

      - All projects.   Makes no difference, old legacy projects or new.

      - Even simple 1-layer projects with simple position animation, no effects - not real time.

      - 8 bit mode, not just 16 or 32 bit.

      - Color management both on and off.

      - Simulate output on and off.

      - Preferences -> Video Preview was set to AJA, so I tried Computer Monitor Only.  That doesn’t work either.

      - Full Rez, Half, Quarter. . .. . doesn’t matter.    Never real-time.


      I've seen others ask about this issue but none of the posts ever resulted in "you need to set 'this' to 'that'" etc.        Have any suggestions? 


      Thank you,