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    Illustrator CC2014 not working after update

    Branden Sharp

      I updated my current (operating just fine copy of Illustrator CC2014) to whatever the update was last week along with the updates to all the others (8 in total).  For whatever reason Illustrator will not launch now... it keeps "Unexpectedly Quitting" after it goes through the initial startup screen.  All the other applications are working fine... this is only Illustrator.  I've installed and uninstalled it four times taking note to remove the preferences on the last two installs thinking that to may have something to do with it... all with no luck... It's not been working for four days and it's important for my businesses daily workflow.... Is there a way I can download another version somewhere before the "Update" or am I going to have to use my Time Machine and go back to last week when everything was working fine... and just not do the new "Update"?  I'm currently running MAC OS 10.9.5... was running 10.9.4 when I did the update. After illustrator quick working I updated to 10.9.5 thinking it would help the crashing issue and uninstalled and re-installed it again and it didn't help.  so now I'm at a loss.