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    Form Cleanup Issues-


      I have created a form but I really need to cleanup the form and line things up and maybe reduce the line spacing but I have no idea how to do this. I tried to click and drag the box but it won't move and stay where I need it placed. Also can I reduce the box size? For example, I have check boxes with Okay and Not Okay but the boxes have space both in front of the actual check box and behind the check box. I want to use the space behind the box and get rid of the space in front. Is there a way to share the file here for you to see?

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          NakulB Adobe Employee


          You can adjust the spacing by adjusting the box size, point the cursor to the right border and drag to reduce the size. Box position can be changed by pointing the cursor at the front border of the box. Please see the attached images:-

          option 1.jpg

          option 2.jpg