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    Downloading footage for NBA highlights


      Hey guys,


      I recently purchased Elements 13 in order to start learning how to edit NBA video highlights.  I am very new to this so I was wondering how people download/rip their NBA footage in order to import them into Adobe.  This is an example of what I'm trying to do (Dawk Ins - YouTube).  I have NBA League Pass for my computer which is supported by flash but the picture quality does get blurry often.  Although, the picture seems to be better on my Chromebook, which doesn't support Adobe or anything like that.  The only method I've tried is to use a screen recorder and import those shots into Adobe, but obviously that doesn't help when the picture is so bad.  I hope this isn't too convoluted, but I'm just looking for a basic method in order to get the good quality footage into Adobe.



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          It is my understanding that the type of material that you want to use in your Premiere Elements projects comes with a copyright.

          Under those circumstances, we prefer not to get involved in that type of specific issue.


          If you have questions about general workings of Premiere Elements and non copyright applications, we would be glad for the

          opportunity to be of assistance.


          If we have misinterpreted your intent or circumstances or if you have permission to over-ride any existing copyright (seen at the end of

          these telecasts), then please let us know. Classically Premiere Elements does not work with copyright material.