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    QT components conflict workaround?


      Hi, Is there a solution for the Quicktime component Adobe bug? Each time I wish to use Premiere Pro or After Effects CC attest update. I have to go to HD/Library/Quicktime and delete all .component files before I can get everything to work successfully without numerous errors on import cropping up. I have to do this every time I run After Effects or Premiere Pro, and then I have to remember to put them back in again after shutting down software so that my other softwares that use codecs placed in this folder still work as normal.  Any ideas why this is happening folks, this sounds like rather a big bug to me?

      (running Adobe CC. OSX 10.9.4, latest 15" mbp)

      Thanks JB

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          Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

          Hi Bloomboy,

          Since you are running OS X 10.9.x, why do you have a need for legacy QT components? Which applications still require them?



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            bloomboy Level 1

            Hi Kevin

            I work in the music industry and use my laptop to run visuals at festivals and gigs. Vj software often uses greatly accelerated third party codecs, such as HAP and DXV, these are located in the above mentioned folder. Without going into another issue here (AE has stopped successfully exporting to DXV since the CC updates), are you suggesting that I can rid myself with all those remaining components that aren't specific to my VJ software? Would it be worth me experimenting with installing for example the DXV.component within the Adobe .app/package contents/ instead of using the QT folder ?

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              bloomboy Level 1

              Hello again, does anyone yet know of a workaround for this major conflict? I am on the latest CC update, os x mavericks / 2014 15' MacBook Pro. When I remove the only one video component I have in the HDcomputer>quicktime folder that I use for VJaying in the software Resolume Arena - DXVCodec.component, everything imports and CC works fine, when I leave this component where it is, NOTHING works, e.g. trying to import lossless into premier pro i get generic error, trying to import ProRes i also get generic error.

              Thanks in advance.

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                DJ Cheshire

                I am having a similar problem with the DXV codec and rendering.  Every time I try to render in DXV (specifically for Resolume) on my Mac Pro  (Late 2013) running Yosemite 10.10.2 and A.E. CC 2014.2 Release it locks up the Adobe QT23 Server.  Sometimes I can get it to finish a render, but even then it gives an error at the end and usually completely locks up A.E. after.  It used to render fine on this computer with DXV, not sure what the culprit is?