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    Audio problem exporting Mpeg2 files from Premiere Pro CC 2014


      For the last 2 days, everything I have exported from Adobe Premiere CC 2014 has had audio files that is out of sync with the video.  The video starts with the slate and 2 seconds of black then the video, the audio picks up at the halfway point and shifts to the slate and black ending at the halfway point of the video file.  If I export in H.264 or Quicktime the audio is good.  If I export the media to render in Adobe Media Encoder the audio in Mpeg 2 is fine.  I tried changing settings in the Premiere export settings for Mpeg from 1080p to 720 to SD settings, again no difference.  Logged off the computer and had someone else log in with their settings and again no difference in the exported file.  I re installed QuickTime, re installed Premiere, same issue, no difference. No one else running Premiere in our group is having any issues.  The computer hasn't had anything updated in the last couple of months. Our IT guy is stumped, and so am I.