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    Changing Subtitles To Different Languages

    sastastic Level 1



      I have a project for a client that has text overlaid on it. The original file is in English, so naturally the text is in English. I now have to create 7 videos, each with a different language (Chinese, Japanese, Thai, etc)


      For the life of me, I can't understand what's going on. The client emailed me MS doc files with the translated text in the corresponding language. I can see the text in MS, so I'm assuming that means I have the language installed on my OS (Mac).

      When I copy the text from MS, and paste it in Premiere CC, some of the characters are incorrect (plain boxes or lines). I went into System Preferences, added the necessary language into the Keyboard list. Tried going that route, no luck.


      Tried in photoshop, same issue. If I paste that same text from MS in a new MS word doc, or google translate, GoogleChrome, etc. it pastes without issue. So my guess is there's a language communication problem in the Adobe software. I spoke with Adobe (chat support) and they said I have to re-install my OS into the corresponding language. That sounds ridiculous! So I have to re-install my OS to a different language EVERY TIME I need to change the text? There has to be an easier way to create subtitles.


      Any tips?